Sunday, October 13, 2013

Baby Wearing Week 2013

Baby Wearing Week 2013

Baby wearing is a practice that has been followed for centuries around the world, and for good reason! It encourages bonding, babies cry less (making them, and you happier!), it's healthy, provides security, it's fun and best of all it offers convenience! 
I actually shed a tear the day I figured out how to breast feed in our Ergo, it opened sooo many doors for me. I could walk down the road, do the grocery shopping and even stalk kangaroo's camera in hand, while feeding her! Also I might mention, baby wearing has always been a sure fire way to get Lilly-Mary to sleep, without fail.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying a sling or a baby carrier is to make sure it is the genuine thing! Particularly with Ergo's, there is a lot of fake's out there. We bought our's from Babes in Arms and they were fantastic. They also keep an up to date list of site's selling counterfeit sites, which you can find here

So here is a few of my favourite baby wearing shots:

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