Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our time in Sydney/Goulburn

Our time in Sydney/Goulburn

Believe it or not, I have never been interstate before. I know! I've travelled to 6 countries so far but never out of the state, it's kinda terrible. When we immigrated from South Africa, we traveled a lot through Western Australia but never quite got past the borders. It's one of the reasons we bought the bus in the first place, Aaron wanted to show me his home country in full.

So when Aaron's family asked us to go to New South Wales with them to our Nana Mary's birthday, I was a little more then excited! In saying that, there was a lot to be worried about, the flight from Perth to Sydney was during the day and a little longer then our Bali one and worst of all, Lilly was teething something horrific. 

When we boarded the flight we were surprised to find there were 8 other babies on the flight, all seated around us! It was fantastic to not have to throw apologetic glances at the people surrounding us as our baby cried or slobbered yoghurt onto the seat, to have other mothers and fathers to chat to who knew exactly how we felt. I think due to that, the flight went surprisingly well. Lilly napped majority of the time, and when she was awake she had other baby friends to babble to or Peppa Pig to watch. 

Lilly loved her time in Goulburn, especially as she hadn't met majority of Aarons extended family. It was a quaint little town (although much bigger then the town we're currently in) filled with the worlds cutest houses. I've never been to a place filled with so many vintage looking granny cottages, I have to admit, I fell a little in love with the architecture. 

We only stayed for 4 days, but it was an amazing and incredibly relaxed first trip interstate for me. I can't wait to immerse myself in the rest of Australia

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  1. A very beautiful set of photos! Always love to read about your traveling stories. :)



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