Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Overseas on a budget

This is a follow up of my recent post "So, how do we afford to travel". It's just a few tips we picked up while in Bali (as well as our personal experience travelling before our baby)

Clearly Aaron and I don't travel 5 star and we prefer to go a little off the beaten track so these may not apply to you but hopefully you find them helpful (or somewhat entertaining)

Budget before you leave and work within your means: for example; don't book into a 5 star resort, fly business class and eat at the finest restaurants if you only have a limited budget. Sure, spoil yourself but use common sense! I know that sounds boring, but trust me, you would rather have to compromise here and there then worry constantly about how you are going to pay the bill at the end of the night. 

Budget out per day: This way you have a rough idea of how much you can spend each day. Then if you accidentally splurge out on a tour or expensive dinner and be prepared to slum it for a few days by the pool eating Mi Goreng.

Pay for everything upfront: I can't stress this enough! Too often I see friends who can't afford a plane ticket home, let alone the hotel they have been staying in and are forced to ask everyone and anyone to loan them money because they had a wild night and spent/lost there money. It can ruin your entire trip having to worry abut finances, especially when your meant to be kicking back and relaxing in paradise.

Use the freebies: If your accomodation offers free breakfast then load up in the mornings! If you have free hire of scooters, bikes or a driver then make good use of it! It might not seem like a lot but the savings will add up!

Make your own lunch/snacks: We saved so much money doing a weekly shop to ensure we always had basics for sandwiches, plus plenty of fruit to snack on. This saves you having to eat out 3 times a day and gives you quite a bit of extra money to play around with.

Stay with friends: There is so many positives to holidaying with friends (hello free, trustworthy babysitters!) but one of my favorites would be the affordability. You can all pay for one resort together, go halves in hiring drivers and order enough pizza to have it delivered to you 11pm at night. Plus, you know, it's fun and you like them.

Immerse yourself in tradition: Make friends with the locals, learn there customs, eat where they eat and find what they do for fun. You will be truly surprised what the world has to offer if you go in open minded, and if it all goes south atleast you can say you tried something new.

Most of all, have fun! Be lighthearted! Your on holiday, what ever worries you have, this gives you a legitimate reason to cast them aside. 

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