Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome! An introduction to us and this blog

Welcome! An introduction to us and this blog <3


 So as some of you might know (or have guessed...) we have a bus! And a baby (fingers crossed that one day that will be plural!) This is a little diary we're going to keep of our adventures in our bus, from renovating and finally moving in as well as little tips and tricks for travelling with your youngsters. 

Although we are yet to travel overseas with Lilly-Mary, we have done our fair share of long distance road trips and hope to have many more. 

So here is a little information about us:

Aaron and I met 3 years ago on a train, we instantly had a connection and a little over a year after, we we're engaged (Patience wasn't something we had mastered until Lilly-Mary made her debut into the world) 

I'm a photographer, who enjoys good food, travelling and little critters. On the side I also study (currently a course in animal behaviour) Aaron is my skillful companion, renovating our 1982 Hino bus from school transportation to picture perfect home. Then we have Lilly-Mary, our utterly beautiful 5 month old daughter. She is our world, and is our very reason to travel, to show her the world and all the wonder it contains.

So far, we are stripping our bus bare. Removing all of the seats, paneling and rust (which we have just realised, it has a bit of...) After in which we hope to install insulation and wooden boards and begin the building of a home worth living in.
It's a difficult and daunting task, but will be well worth it in the end. For now, Aaron does majority of the work while I plan away at colour schemes, placements and personal touches for our soon to be abode.

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  1. I can't wait to read about all those adventures you and your amazing family will explore with this bus! It's such a lovely idea to buy an old bus to travel with... :)



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