Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A guide to taking baby passport photo's

A guide to taking 
baby passport

With our trip to Ubud rapidly approaching, we realised we needed to start sorting out Lilly-Mary's first passport. So began our quest for a passport photo that actually complied with the governments guidelines (which are near impossible to achieve, and in my opinion, are a little bit ridiculous)

So first of all, I recommend checking out government websites for any rules you have to take into account (In Australia, I suggest here
For people in Australia, here's the lowdown:

- Looking straight at the camera
-No reflection on glasses or face
-Plain light background
-No hands in photograph (I know, right?!)
-No shadows or red eye
-Mouth closed (This was our hardest, as squealing loudly is her favorite past time)
-Eye's can't be closed

First we tried sitting her up, but that quickly failed...
So eventually we laid her down against a white piece of card board and attempted to get her to stare solemnly at the camera. Almost 150 photo's later we had our shot.

P.S. Try and grab her after a nap, we tried before and it quickly turned to tears :/

Here's an example of how we shot her. 

Some of the many faces she pulled...

Not a happy chappy, this is what happen if you try to get a tired little munchkin to pose for photos

The end result... TA DA! :D

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