Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The maiden voyage + a goodbye to the farm

Leaving the farm was bitter sweet, and although we were keen to spread our wings and leave the safety of the green paddocks it was still difficult. It had been our home for a year while we renovated the bus, and we watched Lilly grow from a chubby 6 week old to a curious, tall toddler who walks, talks and has no problem with letting us know when she's frustrated. She grew up with endless land to roam, hundreds of animals and a doting Ouma and Granpa, she was a very lucky girl indeed! But adventure awaits and we hope to share more of Australia then the sheltered beach life she's enjoyed so far. 

The bus is almost finished, and currently livable (well, sleepable...) and we hope to be putting in all the cupboards and kitchen as well as dining room table before leaving on our next road trip. Currently we're in Perth for the next month, staying with Aaron's parents while I photograph lovely people and he stays with Lilly, taking over the role of primary carer (along with all of our family, who are more then happy to help us) 

We wake up to frosty mornings, with Lilly curled between our arms and the sunrise peaking through our curtains, and while I can't wait to be back on the road full time, it's enjoyable to finally be at least sleeping in our bus after a year of planning and dreaming.

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