Friday, October 24, 2014

Our Bus, finished

I must confess, I've been terribly neglectful of this blog, with all that's been going on with everyday life, I've battled to keep up with work, motherhood AND writing. So, here's a little recap on our bus renovation, over the last couple of months we have finished off majority of our fittings but have yet to fully install our gas (so we've been relying on a camp gas stove for our day to day needs) we have solar running our electricity installed by my father at Eden Traders, running water, clothes cupboard under our bed, running fridge/freezer, tv and two dining room seats that double as our food storage area. It's been hard work, hand crafting every inch of our bus lovingly with the help of friends and family, but our dream has finally come true and we live in the bus full time! We've taken her on several road trips to test it, and made a few adjustments as we've travelled. 
Here's a mixture of images taken on both my phone and camera, showing you the interior :) To compare, here's a few blogposts on the renovation over the last 1.5 years: here, here and here



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