Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bus Renovation

I'm utterly smitten! Over the last week our bus has really bloomed. Our packages have a arrived and key parts of our home are starting to come together and while we still have a little way to go, the pressure is on to move in as soon as possible as I have work in Perth over the upcoming month. W e have finally finished the insulation on both the floors and walls, as well as the floor boards, bed, kitchen cabinet, bench top and kitchen sink/stove with our fridge arriving soon! It's bizarre to see the transformation, and I can finally envision what it will look like. For the most part, we have stuck to our original design, but occasionally we make decisions based on how to space looks in the flesh. We decided to keep our original mattress (instead of getting a custom made one for the space) and use the extra room to create a couch of sorts next to Lilly's corner and making the area look a little bigger.
We also decided to add an extra cupboard for our business supplies and for Toby (our newly acquired legless lizard) cage to sit on. Space is still of the utmost importance to us, and we have to be creative in turning every nook and cranny into something useful as well as beautiful.

Aaron has finished up with working his everyday job and now has a lot of time to do renovations, meaning changes are happening each and every day. It also means we now rely solely on my photography and writing, making me the bread winner for the first time since quitting my jobs to try for a family, and although it's a little daunting I'm excited to know that what I love doing actually serves a purpose.
We take our home on her maiden voyage this upcoming Saturday, and I couldn't be happier! (unless she breaks down...) Hopefully the rains hold off and the bus is a little more leak proof by then ;)

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