Saturday, April 19, 2014

A very, very belated bus post

This is a rather belated post on the bus... The renovation has been going slow as we have been a little too travel happy and haven't had a lot of time to work on it. After the chaos of Christmas and New Years died down we got to planning again, and now I'm proud to say things are really progressing! The electrical cables have been installed as well as the bed and we hope to have the wall/floor insulation and floor board/wall panels in this week. Our metal box is starting to take on some wonderful characters and beginning to feel like our home. I have been collecting and sketching some ideas as well as pinning away some wonderful interior inspiration (which you can follow here

Renovating such a small space from scratch has really tested Aaron and I. To create a home that suits our family and style as well provides safety and functionality is not an easy task, especially when keeping a toddlers blooming curiosity in mind, but we have learnt to make compromises and find creative solutions to our problems. We hope to make it beautiful, quirky and appealing without creating too much clutter and mess, and to try our utmost to make it as green and sustainable as possible through upcycling and renewable energy. The amount of rust we have endured has also been a HUGE problem, as we have spent 90% of our time grinding away (and in some parts even completely replacing) areas and applying rust paint to stop it happening again. It's been the bulk of our work, so for us it often feels as though it's not progressing, until something exciting like a bed goes in! 

In hind sight I think we went into this project with an air of naivety, and definently weren't prepared for any extensive problems but we have become so much closer as a family working through the problems as well as really appreciating what it takes to create a home (albeit 6x2m home...) It's also taught us to expect the unexpected and to relax a little when issues arise, traits I hope to pass onto Lilly. So although nothing gone to plan, I'm glad I've been able to share it with you guys! 

 We have gone onto setting ourselves a deadline and hope to be living (and travelling) in it by July, as long as we don't come across any more issues.  Now that we are in the swing of things, I hope to be updating more frequently!

So this is what it looked like from the last bus post


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