Monday, October 7, 2013

Our lives, by the beachside.

Our lives, by the beachside.

The heat of Summer is beginning to make it's way down south, the warmth causing us to crawl out of our various knit wear, like shedding a new skin. Living so close to the pristine beaches of Hopetoun, we have found ourselves driving there on  regular basis. 

Aaron has a new found passion for fishing, insisting on staying until he's caught a fish (despite the fact he hate's the taste of them)

Lilly-Mary is 6 months and ever so curious! I've learnt to watch her like a hawk as she attempts to eat the sand between her toes. I feel so happy that she's spending her baby years by the beach, as I did as a child. I hope to fill her growing mind with images of the sea and the feeling of the cool waves splashing against her skin. I look forward to the day's when Lilly-Mary can start swimming and begin to truly enjoy the full splendors of beach life.

Aaron's 5.15kg salmon

Lilly-Mary learnt to pull herself up into standing position!

Beautiful sunsets at the farm, after a sun soaked day.

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