Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tips for packing (and a little story on how not to pack...)

Tips for packing
(and a little story on how not to pack...)

So, tommorow we leave for Perth and then onto Asia and I would like to say that travelling so much has made me into a responsible and organized adult who has great time management. But it hasn't. If anything, it probably brings these traits out tenfold....
Often packing is a task left until the night before our 6 hour drive to the airport (or even worse, at 4am the morning we leave) and is an assortment of clothing neither of us wear and highly unsuitable for the climate we're visiting. 
I'm not sure why, but when ever I pack a sudden urge to be trendy over takes me and instead of packing my perfectly lovely everyday outfits, I feel this unstoppable need to pack Aaron's best suit and gowns that I can't breast feed in let alone wear to the sweaty Balinese markets. 
generally what happens is we are in the balmy tropics with nothing packed but snow jackets, a dress I only fitted previous to having met Aaron and we end up wearing the same outfits over and over again while Lilly dons nothing but her nappy. This time round, I aimed to be better though. This morning I downloaded a handy app to our iPad called packcentric and played motivational travel music... it's now 5pm and I'm still not packed.... So clearly it went well....

So here's my handy hints if your were a responsible, organized human who had enough fore thought to do the laundry months before packing instead of mere hours.....

- pack enough climate friendly outfits you need for the entire trip: although you think you might wash clothing during your holiday, chances are you won't. Or not nearly enough to sustain you.
-pack a mini first aid kit: the keyword being mini, you don't need anything spectacular just enough to carry you through a minor emergency. Also check what medications are legal to bring in as well as ensuring you have enough of your prescription medicine for the entire trip, they may not stock it overseas.

-pack a pocket book (or an app) on basic phrases you should practice: you know, so apart from learning crude remarks you can say thank you and hello...

-don't be afraid to pack two bags!: ifs our hoarders like Aaron and I then pack two bags. You would much rather be able to bring home more treasures then have to post it back or leave it behind entirely.

-make a list: generally I forget an expensive necessity like camera chargers/batteries or Lilly favourite thing some like Santa and make a list, check it twice! 

-don't forget essentials: such as passport, visa, plane tickets, toothbrush, phone, books and music. 

-do your laundry a decent time before packing...

-bring entertainment: Lilly's now at the age where I doubt she will sleep the plane trip, so bring child based activities like books, crayons, small toys and if you have one an iPad. Because when you've had an exhausting day running between flights in a foreign country sometimes peppa pig is the only answer. Also, if by some miracle she does fall asleep, Aaron and I can be coupley and watch grand designs together 

Here's our little survival kit for Lilly 

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